Visit of Claire/Yasmine to our projects in October 2015.

Welcome to People to People Society

May I become at all times, both now and forever

A Protector for those without protection
A Guide for those who have lost their way
A Ship for those with oceans to cross
A Bridge for those with rivers to cross
A Sanctuary for those in danger
A Lamp for those without light
A Place of refuge for those who lack shelter and a servant to in need
                                                                                ---Bodhisatva way of Life

Vision & Mission

Vision:To create society based on liberty, fraternity, equality and justice to lead dignified life.

Mission:To empower women, protect children and develop youths through health, education and livelihood programmes.

Primary Area of focus
PTP follows LIGHT
L : Liberty
I : Integrity
G : Generosity
H : Honesty
T : Transparency